The Trampofoil is a Human-Powered hydrofoil with flapping wing propulsion. The Trampofoil® gets its supporting and propelling force completly from the hydrodynamic lift on its hydrofoils. The athlete jumps with both feet together and pushes the hydrofoil alternately up and down. The vehicle is normaly started and landed on a jetty and it is not possible to start from the water with the present configuration. The speed interval is from 2.5 to 6 m/s (5-12 knots). The current distance record is 11.5 km (A. Sahlin 1997).
The Trampofoil is not available for purchase at the moment. All ideas and proposals on how to start up the production again are welcome. We can be reached by e-mail at: .

The Swedish Speed-Sailing Challenge

6 April 2004.