The Swedish Speed-Sailing Challenge

Yellow Pages Endeavour -- 46.52 knots (86.22 km/h)

Yellow Pages Endeavour The current outright sailing-speed record is held by the asymmetric trimaran Yellow Pages Endeavour, YPE. In October 1993 Simon McKeon and Tim Daddo sailed the YPE at 46.52 knots in Sandy Point, Victoria, Australia. YPE was designed by Lindsay Cunningham and is a kind of trimaran with three planing hulls connected by beams, although two of the hulls travel along the same path. The third hull is for the crew of two and should fly to windward in optimal conditions. The 11 m high wing-sail is supported in the center of the beams. The team continues to push the limits of sailing with their new boat Maquarie Innovations to try to break 50 knots.

Spec. Yellow Pages Endeavour
Design Lindsay Cunningham
Length 9.15 m
Weight 177 kg ?
Sail area < 21.84 m^2 ?
Wing height 11.3 m
Beam 9.15 m
Materials --