The Swedish Speed Sailing Challenge

Sponsor Opportunities

We welcome a main-sponsor as well as material sponsors. The obvious demands on high material strength and low weight for sailing craft like ours makes the project attractive for material sponsors as well.

Main Sponsor

The main sponsor will get naming rights. The 11 m high carbon-fiber wing offers an excellent display for your logotype.

Material Sponsors

As a material sponsor you get your company logotype and a link on our web page. Your company will be mentioned in press releases and other material that we hand out. Limited space on the boat will be available. The wing sail is reserved for the main sponsor.

Equipment kindly supplied or still needed
Large RIB Boat with engine for towing ?
Trailer for large RIB ?
All purpose RIB Boat with engine KGK Suzuki AB
Spectra lines Robship
Instrumentation & communication SILVA
Handheld computers ?
Carbon fiber Marström & Svenska Tanso AB
Instrumentation Software National Instruments
Trailer box for transport and storage ?
Sailing gear/Dry suits ?
CNC milling of molds for autoclave use ?
Funds for hydrodynamic experiments VINOVA